The Fuchsia Lane


We are a luxury design house that has stemmed from a passion for creating products and spaces that are unusual; yet find their inspiration in our multi-faceted heritage as well as contemporary concepts. At The Fuchsia Lane, we are a team of highly skilled artists, artisans and designers who use elaborate techniques that sometimes require multiple processes. Skilled craftsmen come together under our roof and co create hand crafted pieces, as part of our core team.
Our design studio offers complete design solutions and prides itself in it's in depth understanding of space and form. We often collaborate with interior designers and architects on their projects offering Bespoke solutions to fit individual needs.

Design Philosophy


Our design style does not fall into any category. It is our attempt to define contemporary, everyday luxury, while we pay homage to traditional Indian crafts and motifs. You'll notice great attention to detail and proportion in each piece. We tend to veer towards handcraft and not just the industrial process. Blending multiple styles, we work with local craftsmen and use their expertise to create pieces that have a global appeal. Our designs are classic and timeless with the potential to make it to your collection of heirloom collection some day.



With a strong design background, the alumnus of Rachna Sansad School Of Interior Design And Architecture, Gopika Parekh and Pooja Malhotra decided to use their expertise in design to create bespoke pieces of furniture and spaces.
Gopika also specializes in the history of art and design. Her focus has been Indian aesthetics and its confluence with the world, her approach being an amalgamation of various styles.
Pooja is very passionate about travel & photography, designing is that part of her journey that shows you spaces in a new way.
Over the past years at TFL, they have combined their skills to provide unique design solutions, research raw materials and techniques and create designs that are uniquely theirs.